Centre for Ecological Land-use,

Rural Development

and Solid Waste Management

About Palmyra

Palmyra was founded in 1990.

Its objectives are to promote Ecological concepts of Landuse as well as Rural Development Programmes.

By promoting Sustainable, Ecological Landuse methods as well as new concepts for Integrated Solid Waste Management and Bio-fuel research, we see ourselves partaking in an ever growing movement to support autonomous developmental processes worldwide.

Our activities

Waste without borders

Waste Without Borders (WWB) specializes in Rural Solid Waste Management with Zero Landfilling. WWB comprises of a team of sustainability experts who have made their mark in the said field. 

Based on WWB’s experience and extensive research we have designed an innovative ZERO LANDFILLING SOLUTION incorporating Plasma/Plastic-Pyrolysis, Microalgae Bio-refinery and Bio-remediation.

women projectS

Our aim is to use local resources and traditional knowledge as well as newly discovered concepts to an optimal degree,  therewith improving esteem and livelihood of the local people. Therefor, women groups are very important.

Past projects

Since 1990, Palmyra involved neighboring village farmers, woman groups and land owners in several projects like Afforestation and Soil and Water Conservation as well as Tank Rehabilitation and other Rural Developmental projects.

Our recent activities

World Clean up – September 2018

World Cleanup Day on 15 September 2018 united 18 million people across 157 countries for the biggest waste collection day in human history. A 36-hour green wave of cleanups across the globe – beginning in New Zealand and traveling around the world before ending in Hawaii.
WE WERE PART OF IT in kootroad!

July 2018 

Auroville Today


Auroville Today is an internationally distributed Aurovilian newspaper.

Here, our team give more details to explain the current situation and challenges around Auroville in terms of waste.