Who are we?

Waste without Borders (WWB) is an activity under Palmyra (Auroville) – Centre for Ecological Land-use and Solid Waste Management. It was formed as a collaborative of sustainability experts who have made their mark in the field Solid Waste Management.

In possession of the know-how and experience on how to establish, sustain and make flourish Waste Management Solutions, our mission is to spread the success stories of our tested models, including those in and around Auroville, beyond the borders of Auroville through a participatory and grassroots approach.

Our vision

To create a Paradigm Shift in the field of Waste Management – by establishing Environmentally, Financially Self-Sustainable and Socially-Empowering Regional Integrated Solid Waste Management System with Zero Landfilling using Carbon-Neutral Waste-to-Wealth Processes, that is Replicable and Scalable.

Starting with the immediate communities surrounding and supporting Auroville, the ultimate vision of Waste Without Borders is to spread these waste management solutions on a pan-India scale, a dire yearning expressed by large parts of the country.

Our mission

Our goal is to set up Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWM) for the Bio Region around Auroville including 50,000 people, 14 villages and 6 Panchayats.

The ISWM system has the following components:

> Implementing 3-way segregation of waste at the household level: Organic wet waste, dry waste & sanitary waste
> Door-to-Door Collection
> Resource recovery – through recycling and upcycling
> Waste reduction actions through awareness drives, workshops and waste audits
> Minimising landfills

Our project

Ensuring responsible use of scarce resources amongst swelling populations going through rapid industrial transformation, by turning “today’s waste into tomorrow’s raw material”. This we will achieve through a Zero Waste System comprising:

> Segregated Waste Handling
> Maximum Recycling
> Waste to Clean Fuel Facilities
> Carbon Neutral Waste Processing
> Awareness towards Segregation & Waste Reduction
> Zero Landfilling

Our project includes the following the following :

> Waste segregation from local villages surrounding Auroville with an incentive system that rewards proper segregation

> Implementation of a waste segregation facility for optimal segregation using a conveyor belt for improving work flow

> Composting unit for biodegradable waste which will be sold and reused to grow microalgae for a biofuel production unit

> Segregated raw resources sold to manufacturers (glass, plastics and metals) and reused in our maker space

> Creation of a recyclable plastic unit based on the Precious Plastic model to make new products with the raw pellets and 3d printing filaments

> Creation of a Fablab/Maker space reusing the recovered raw resources to produce needed items of everyday life locally

> Implementation of a Plasma Gasification plant to process hazardous and toxic waste into electricity that is sold to Indian electrical companies

> Restoration of landfill’s environment through bioremediation with the use of various organisms like mushrooms, microalgae species and bacterias

> Biofuel production from waste cooking oil and vertical microalgae cultivation

> Vehicles powered by biofuels

> Multiple sources of income generation ensuring the continuity and viability of the project

> Financial surplus reinvested in research and development

Our team

Juergen Puetz


Loes Overbeek


Laure Huys

Public Relations & Marketing

Lucas Pollet

Research & Development

Christian Arjuna

Research & Development

Gillian Chvat

Field operations

Rekha Ganguly

Planning & Awareness

Ritush Raj Dubey

Communications & Content Development


World Clean up – September 2018

World Cleanup Day on 15 September 2018 united 18 million people across 157 countries for the biggest waste collection day in human history. 

A 36-hour green wave of cleanups across the globe – beginning in New Zealand and traveling around the world before ending in Hawaii.

We were part of it in kootroad!



Auroville Today

Auroville Today is an internationally distributed Aurovilian newspaper. 

Our team had been asked to explain more about the current situation and challenges around Auroville in terms of waste.